Servicing a Heated Pool

Heated swimming pools are a real treat, especially in the winter. But if you fail to care for this type of pool, you can expect to experience some serious problems. Repairing these kinds of pools can be expensive, so maintenance is always your best bet. JS Analysis would like to help you avoid heated pool problems. Whether you have a heated pool at your home or you’re responsible for one at a hotel or recreation center, here are some important reasons why you should have regularly scheduled swimming pool maintenance.

  • The type of heated pool you have makes a difference – Electric, solar, and gas heated pools each have specific methods of care. Solar controllers allow you to set whatever temperature you desire. Electric and gas ones are recommended to be set at 77° F. Pool experts recommend setting your solar one at that temperature, too.
  • Take steps to minimize overnight heat loss – If your heated pool is outdoors, make sure to reduce heat loss by covering the pool up at night with a blanket. This will help keep the heat at the proper levels without you having to adjust it every day. (This can cause strain on the system.) If you have questions about pool temperatures in outdoor weather, call your swimming pool service for further advice.
  • Invest in professional pool maintenance – Unlike your average pool, heated models need special care and attention. Gas-heated pools require servicing at least every two years. For electric and solar pools, be sure to read your pool manual for specific instructions regarding swimming pool maintenance. Again, always contact professional pool crews for servicing since these systems are very complicated. If a tube becomes clogged during a DIY maintenance attempt, other serious problems can occur.

To schedule routine swimming pool maintenance for your heating pool, call JS Analysis. See how we can help your pool stay in good condition this winter.