4 Reasons You Should Vacuum Your Pool

Swimming in a dirty pool is neither fun nor appealing. Since debris easily collects in a pool over time, regular pool cleanup should be a part of life for any pool owner. One way to make this job less of a hassle is to invest in a pool vacuum. The swimming pool maintenance pros at JS Analysis know a thing or two about well-kept pools. Here are four reasons why vacuuming your pool is so important:

  1. It gets rid of bacteria – Like any area of standing water, pools are easily susceptible to bacteria growth. Not taking time to prevent and remove bacteria can be very dangerous to the health of anyone who swims in your pool. Thanks to pool vacuums, we now have a way to remove bacteria growth in your swimming pool.
  2. It helps you monitor chemical levels – Regulating the chemicals in your pool is another essential task. Did you know that pool vacuums can help keep things balanced? Since a pool vacuum works to keep your pool water nice and clear, it reduces the amount of chemicals that are necessary for your pool to stay sanitary.
  3. It prevents pool contamination – Your backyard swimming pool can easily become contaminated by debris, animal waste, and other hazardous materials. A poorly maintained pool will have a dirty appearance and can make people sick. With a pool vacuum and regular swimming pool maintenance, you can keep things clean and fun for everyone.
  4. It gives your pool a deep clean – A simple swipe of a pool skimmer is not enough to sufficiently clean a pool. While it’s important to scoop out debris when you see it, you really need to give your pool an in-depth cleaning every so often. Weekly cleanings with a pool vacuum can help.

Want to keep your pool as clean as possible but don’t have the time? Do it right by calling for swimming pool service from JS Analysis in York, Chester, Lancaster, and southern Mecklenburg counties.