5 Tips for Keeping Debris Out of Your Pool

There’s nothing worse than going outside for a swim and discovering sticks, leaves, and other debris floating in your pool. While it’s unsightly and takes time to clean up, debris can contribute to more serious problems like pool leaks. At JS Analysis, we understand the importance of swimming pool maintenance. Here are five tips for keeping debris out of your pool:

  1. Clean your pool’s baskets regularly – Pool baskets are designed to catch debris, so it’s a certainty that they’ll collect things that  float in your pool. With this in mind, you should clean them out on a regular basis. However, you should be careful when you empty them out. Snakes have been known to get caught in pool baskets.
  2. Use a skimmer for floating debris – Whenever you see leaves and sticks floating around your pool, grab the skimmer. Skimmers allow you to scoop up debris easily, even from the middle of the pool.
  3. Invest in a pool vacuum – Skimmers are great, but they can only catch debris that’s bobbing on the water. So what should you do  about debris on the bottom of the pool? That’s where a pool vacuum comes in handy. Pool vacuums move around the floor and clean the bottom surface. Check on the vacuum as it operates to make sure the cords and hoses don’t get twisted twisted. Cordless models and robotic pool vacuums are also available.
  4. Check chlorine levels – Measure the chlorine levels in your pool as recommended by your pool service. Debris in your pool can unbalance the chlorine and pH levels of your water. If the numbers are off, make the proper adjustments.
  5. Contact a swimming pool service – These steps are part of the routine swimming pool maintenance that all pool owners should be doing. But perhaps the best way to make sure your pool is up to standard is to call a swimming pool service. Our crews will check your pool for damage and look for any potential problems.

For help with any type of swimming pool maintenance in York, Chester, Lancaster, and southern Mecklenburg counties, call JS Analysis.